Our Vision

A vision is a picture of a desired future state. The desired future state is so attractive and so compelling, that it inspires both passion and action.

We hope to become:

  • A community of Jesus followers who are marked in all they do by the conviction that true joy arises from trusting and treasuring God in all of life.
  • A community of Jesus followers where the sufficiency of the gospel, which secures forgiveness and reconciliation for all who believe is elevated and celebrated.
  • A community of Jesus followers where God’s Word is embraced as the highest authority on earth and totally reliable guide to real and abundant life.
  • A community of Jesus followers who love deeply and serve sacrificially so as to provide real Help in people’s lives; who are known for their good works and tangible contribution to the welfare of the community of Red Bluff.
  • A community of Jesus followers who are eager to be a Home for the spiritually homeless and to provide a pathway for them to grow in faith and Christ-likeness.
  • A community of Jesus followers in which changed family trees bear the fruit of Hope, reconciliation, and renewal in Christ.
  • A community of Jesus-followers who are consistently engaging with people about matters of faith, life, and worldview that brings the relevance of God’s perspective to the issues that face us.
  • A community of Jesus-followers who develop a ministry facility base wherein we can provide multiple community-reaching venues, including but not limited to:
    1. Church Worship, classroom and office space
    2. Coffee House: Music and refreshment place, similar to Starbucks but w music
    3. Training center: People can come to learn life skills
    4. Activity center: kids and adults can come and play in a safe environment
    5. Community Service: RCC people infiltrating existing and new efforts to improve RB
Results: Making new family trees in lives of people of Red Bluff that are characterized by them becoming disciples of Jesus Christ and effectively reproducing that faith in the lives of their family, friends, community, and world, and then celebrating changed lives and cultivating an atmosphere of joyful motivation to grow and serve that empowers people with the confidence to become all that God wants them to become.