We Are New


That’s right. River Community Church is a completely new church. So the first thing we want to say to you as a new church is “Hey, thanks for checking us out!” We hope you like what you will find on this site. Even more, we hope you will take the next step and make a personal connection with us through the various means you will find on our website. We would truly enjoy making friends with you and becoming co-travelers with you on the path to discovering joy in God.

New means we are starting from scratch. We have no history, no traditions, and not even any property…yet. But we do have a clear path, good plans, and a great purpose.

River Community Church exists to help all people to Pursue overflowing joy in God through Jesus Christ. That is why we are here. We believe that all of humanity is hard-wired to seek personal happiness and good for themselves. There are many paths that offer this, and for a while, some of these paths deliver. Money, relationships, pleasure, and entertainment can really be great…for a while. Then, when the neighbor gets a bigger or better or newer whatever, that which promised happiness to us fails. We need something more. That is why we seek to help people pursue happiness in God. The Bible calls this joy. And it promises a quality of joy- overflowing- that isn’t affected by stuff or thrills. Its source is a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. And Jesus delivers. New means new life. Just as this church, in a sense, is planted and grows like a seed in good soil, in the same way God offers new life to all who ask. River Community Church hopes to help people in Red Bluff and Tehama county find not only new life, but to begin completely new family trees; new family dynamics that bear good fruit and give new futures and new hope. New means we are very excited about what possibilities lie ahead. And we are excited that you have found us here, and hope that you will give us the honor and pleasure of meeting you in person, and walking on the path toward joy in God with you.